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Thomas Hufton, II

Thomas Hufton, II

Financial Advisor/Vice President

Thomas Hufton II has been a part of Genesee County for many years. A graduate of Grand Blanc High School, Tom has grown up in the community, building relationships and giving back to the place he calls home.

Tom serves as a Financial Advisor for The State Wealth Advisors working out of The State Bank’s main office in Fenton. For over 28 years he has brought his banking experience to the community, offering advice and assistance on managing customer’s accounts and making smart financial decisions. But for all he has done for the community, it is the community that has formed him into the person he is today.

The State Bank serves an area that brings a pleasant combination of hometown values with progressive dreams and aspirations. Tom’s customers have their feet firmly planted with the need to grow and achieve financial success as they do. The partnership between Tom and the community he serves is a great partnership that harvests informed and intuitive financial decisions.

Fitting in well with his community, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife, Carrie, as well as their three children, Tommy, Estella, and Elliana. Not forgetting about his dog, Cooper, or cats, Moe and Zeke. Tom is a family man enjoying vacations with the Hufton clan and the occasional—or frequent—round of golf.

Serving his community granted Tom the honor of receiving Outstanding Employee of the Year in 1996, the prestigious Professional Banker of the Year award in 2002 as well as the Community Service award in 2012. He continues to serve the community through his involvement with the  Lake Fenton Community Education Foundation, Community Foundation of Greater Flint through the Fenton Fund, United Way of Genesee County, First Presbyterian Church and Spring Oaks Association. His education aspirations led him through Grand Valley State University, the University of Michigan-Flint, Perry School of Banking at Central Michigan University, Southeastern Trust School at Campbell University, and Cannon Trust School at the University of Notre Dame.

For Tom, the title financial advisor should really be changed to: community financial partner. It is easy to see that’s what he is. He’s a man who strives to give back to each and every community member through solid financial advice, offering his experience in both financial services and the community.

*The inclusion of a Financial Advisor in referenced award programs are not indicative of the Advisor's future performance.